Food Review: Yew Chuan Claypot Rice

(located in Beach Market Level 2)

Claypot Rice
Price: $6/$12/$18/$24/$30 (Pictured $24)

In Singapore, it's pretty easy to find claypot rice but to find a good claypot rice, it's not that easy. Compared to Malaysian claypot rice, it's different as Malaysian claypot rice usually comes with a gingery chicken smell whereas Singaporean claypot rice is more focused on the tenderness of chicken meat and charred smell. I can't say and wouldn't debate if Malaysian or Singaporean claypot is better. It boils down to personal choice.

Yew Chuan claypot rice is one of the better claypot rice around in Singapore and besides tender chicken pieces, it comes with chinese pork sausage and liver sausage, together with green vegetables and salted fish. The usual food court claypot rice comes with at best 1 or 2 pieces of chinese pork sausage or even chinese chicken sausage. The additional liver sausage has some chinese wine taste and that adds flavour to the dish so it's one of the differentiator from the usual stalls.

The salted fish which I heard that Yew Chuan uses comes from Kuantan which is famous for that. Before stirring and mixing the salted fish, it's better to mash down the fish pieces and that will give a salty fish fragrance and makes the claypot more aromatic. Using a quality salted fish is key to a good pot of claypot rice.

After blending all ingredients with dark soya sauce and oil into the whole pot, the whole dish will elude a very fragant rice, salted fish and smokey smell as you stir them.

Yew Chuan's claypot have a good balance and unami flavour. The dish is slightly salty and mild sweet while having all the ingredients taste as you savour them. The chicken is marinated very flavourfully (slightly sweet and salty) and cooked to the right tenderness. This is key as many claypot rice chicken are precooked and is usually tough. Yew Chuan chicken is good for this.

The chilli sauce also packs a punch and gives good spicy and sour balance and i strongly recommend that you mixed a little into the rice when you feel a little full so it helps to eat a little bit more.

The only negative point that I have for Yew Chuan is that there are lesser chicken as compared to the past which is a pity. Also, be prepared to wait for 30 to 40 minutes during weekends and take note that they close at 830pm. Yew Chuan also do not give extra utensils by default so if you are sharing say a $18 with 4 persons (meant for 3 pax), you have to ask them for extra bowl. I'm not sure you will get it every time as my millege differs differently from the many times I have patronised them.

4V out of 5

505 Beach Road, #01-73 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583

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