Food Review: Wen Kang Ji Wanton Noodles

(located in Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre)


Standard hawker layout that you will expect in Singapore. This food centre has a lot of other famous local food like Lor Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Hokkien Mee, Grass Jelly, Chilli Noodles and Claypot Rice etc. Wen Kang Ji is located in B1 of the food centre near to famous Vadai stall. The stall owners are friendly. The queue can be long and waiting time can go up to 30 mins or even longer during peak hours and weekends.

Wanton Noodles
Price: $5 (Standard) / $7 (Jumbo)

The bowl in grey/white is the Jumbo version and the one in orange plate is standard version. The difference is mainly on the quantity of noodles and some ingredients differences.


The ingredients in the Standard plate consists of standard yellow noodles, served with boiled wantons and slices of char siew with vegetable greens (cai xin). The plate also comes with pickled green chilli slides and a small bowl of soup.

The soup is cooked from a big boiler which i think its flavour comes from pork bones as base which results the soup to present a milky colour. The end result is a decent porky meat flavour that is not over empowering and it's clear and not oily. But it's not like cantonese boiled soup to set expectations right.

The jumbo version comes with 1 extra prawn dumplings and extra noodles. Others remain the same.


Wanton has flavour in the minced pork and quite ok in terms of texture. Prawn dumplings has mushroom, chestnuts, minced meat and prawn within. Quite good texture in terms of crunch and firm bite. But don't expect something out of the world. It's decent but not outstanding.

The noodles are a little softer than usual. The sauce taste a little sweet but chilli packs a punch. The sauce also has a green chilli vinegary taste which I'm not entirely sure if this was because they have added too much green chilli with the vinegrette together.

The one without chilli taste like a lighter version of famous Kok Kee Wanton Noodles (acquired by Jumbo already) but with a sweeter taste. With added chilli sauce, it taste totally different from Kok Kee's chilli version, both the previous owner's version or the current Jumbo's version.

The char siew is supposedly to be the highlight here. First bite, the meat is soft and succulent with good amount of char and good distribution of fats and meat. Further bites reveals the fats being too fatty and greasy and the meat has quite a bit of dryness and can get tough. Will get gelat after a few mouths.

The reason I can think of is probably because of overcooking likely. I personally felt that char siew should have that char which is a tick here and the fats must be fragrant and yet not greasy so that there is a "want" to savour it again kind of emotions to it.

In summary, I feel that there are a number of stalls which I think are better than this in terms of char siew around the area. The likes of Fatty Ox in Chinatown, Roast88 in Jalan Besar are some examples and one do not need to queue very long for it.

I would try it again if I do not have to queue or have less than 5 pax in the queue.

3.5V out of 5

505 Beach Rd, Golden Mile Food Centre, #B1-29

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Suggested Carpark
Blk 13 Beach Road MSCP (plenty of parking lots but lots are smaller than the usual ones in other MSCP)

Nearest MRT
Lavender MRT

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