Food Review: Warong H.J. Sukarjo (Mee Soto/Mee Rebus)

(located in Blk 58 Upper Changi Road Food Centre)

Again back to Bedok area for breakfast. This is again one of my childhood favourites but more importantly, this is one stall that has such good concentration of chicken soto flavour and spices that I cannot find elsewhere in Singapore. The mee rebus is also the kind where the sauce is made up of strong shrimpy and nutty flavour that I, again cannot find elsewhere.

Do take note that queue is long usually especially when they are only open 3 days a week nowadays.

Mee Soto
Price: $3

The mee soto's ingredients include hand pulled chicken shreds, bean sprouts and yellow noodles. Very simple ingredients but extremely well-made.

To the taste. Extremely good mee soto flavouring, not just with chicken stock flavour. The soup consist of a lot of spices including a good balance of turmeric and malay spices. The chicken shreds is a mix of breast and thigh meat and the quantity is generally generous and succulent.

The soup still has the chicken flavour and absolutely not devoid of it for sure. It's a little more concentrated in flavour as you can see in the pictures rather than thick soup base. The soup has that slightly sweet flavour and the soup is flavourful. The noodles are also cooked well and mixed together, it's quite heavenly tasting.

Mee Rebus
Price: $3

For mee rebus, the ingredients include the usual suspects like fried beancurd pieces, yellow noodles, 1 boiled egg, bean sprouts, fried onions and half a lime.

Again the taste of the sauce exudes a nutty flavour and slightly spicy. Noodles is cooked to a slightly more than aldente texture. The fried onions adds texture and flavour to the whole dish.

The sauce has that extra special flavour that has little shrimp flavouring which adds uniqueness to the whole dish.

Nevertheless it still have that traditional malay mee rebus taste and that extra unique taste and flavour of shrimp and beans as an unique value. The sauce is very thick and sticks very well to the noodles and with the touch of lime, balanced out the unaminess and heavy spiced taste nicely.

In summary, one of the best, if not the best in Singapore for Mee Soto and very likely for Mee Rebus as well in my opinion. The flavours are so intense here that I always crave to eat this on a regular basis.

Unfortunately take note that the stall is only opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nowadays. Please plan before coming.

4.5V out of 5

58 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-183, Singapore 461058

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Suggested Carpark
There are a lot of public car park lots around the food centre. It's located just beside HDBs.

Nearest MRT
Tanah Merah MRT or Bedok MRT, both needs walking else take a short distance bus.

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