Food Review: Walnut & Peanut Waffle Bits

(located beside Yeouido Station Exit 4)

Walnut & Peanut Waffle Bits
Price: $3000/$5000/$10,000 Korean Won (Approx SGD$4/$6/$11)

This stall is located just beside Yeouido Station Exit 4. The smell of the pastry can get you hooked easily especially when it's cold outside. The stall is manned by a young man whom keep on placing the waffle mixture into the peanut and walnut shape grill and baking/grilling it. The batter is not too sweet and flavourful and a firm texture of waffle dough. In some of them, the waffle are cooked to a crisp providing you with a crispy and fragrance flavour of pastry goodness.

Each of this waffle bit is filled either with a peanut (will be in a shape of peanut) or walnut (will be in a shape of walnut) and obviously the corresponding flavour. When you bite on the bits, it gives you a crunchy feeling of the actual nut inside which is something you cannot get elsewhere easily. This can get very addictive especially during cold weather, so buy a small amount to start first and decide later if you want to eat more.

Strongly suggest if you pass by this street and you are in autumn or winter season, buy some of these and walk the streets munching away!

3.5V out of 5

Yeouinaru-ro, Yeoui-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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Nearest Rail Station
Yeouido Station Exit 4