Food Review: Oven & Fried Chicken

(located along Tanjong Katong Road near Punggol Nasi Lemak and SPC Petrol Station)


The restaurant consists of 5 tables of 4 seaters, 1 x 2 seater, 3 x 6 seaters interior. The exterior of the restaurant as 2 more 4 seaters as well.

The restaurant is a little dark during a sunny afternoon but still decent in terms of cleanliness and feel. Felt like Korean fried chicken outlet in Korea. Usually a little darker than usual restaurant brightness

Servers are friendly and nice and are pretty attentive to our needs.

Crunch (Oven Baked) Fried Chicken (mild spicy sauce)
Price: $20 half portion

Ingredients used are authentic korean spicy sauce with sesame seeds and the chicken is battered with a specific thickness. Not exactly the thin type of fried chicken that we get locally which is quite Korean style.

Taste wise, the sauce is adequately spicy with authentic korea spicy sauce. The batter is not that crispy probably because its oven baked and definitely feels lighter compared to the deep fried ones. It's not that oily compared to the usual deep fried ones. Again the chicken taste fresh and doesn't taste frozen which is good.

Sauced Fried Chicken (Soy Sauce)
Price: $20 half portion

Ingredients for this consists of Korean soy sauce with sesame seeds

Nice and juicy. A little spicy though it's supposedly to be soy only. Again the sauce is sweet and savoury and the batter can be a little more crispy.
Sauce wise, the taste is quite close to korea taste.

Rice Fried Chicken
Price: $18 half portion

Ingredients consist of just rice flour batter with some basic seasoning

Again batter can be crispier. Seasoning can be heavier. It's not as seasoned as compared to ones in Korea. Meat is slightly tougher and not that juicy in this one. Not sure what is the difference but it's harder than the other 2 flavours.

The sides provided like pickled radish taste authentic Korean and pretty close to Korean ones.

Generally speaking the fried chicken taste lighter than other fried chicken restaurants. Is it better or even comparable to famous Korean fried chicken like BHC in Korea etc? Nope but at least the sauce flavour is quite close and we are in Singapore. To get the authentic taste can be quite difficult especially when chicken quality is restricted and perhaps the method and controls in the frying etc may vary as well.

3.5V out of 5


230 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437018

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Suggested Carpark
Along some of the private estates behind but make sure to watch out for double yellow line

Nearest MRT
Not near to any MRT (nearest maybe Marine Parade MRT once completed)

Mercedes Benz A200
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