Food Review: Tonkotsu Ikkyu Titan Tsukemen

(located within Ramen Champion @ Bugis+)


Ramen Champion has been in Singapore for quite a while now and they had been one of the better ramens (with good stalls inside) when they initially arrived in Singapore shores. However througout the years, the Singapore scene of Japanese ramen had been eacalating and came to a point that Singaporeans are expecting a much higher standard for ramen and a lot of good japanese ramen had since emerged to the scene and took a lot of business from them. So nowadays, Ramen Champion no longer attracts as much attention as before and the place eludes more of a food court feeling rather than specialised japanese ramen place.

Titan Tsukemen
Price: $16.80

I was attracted to Ramen Champion solely because of the tsukemen. Recently if you have noticed, I have been looking out for good tsukemen in Singapore and I'm very tempted to try any tsukemen that I come across. So with a tsukemen from Tonkotsu Ikkyu, it's definitely a must to try.

First, a bite to the BIG piece of char siew. When the bowl of tsukemen first arrived, what caught my attention was the char siew. It is very big in size and has this charred aroma coming out from the piece of meat. Very nice smelling piece but after the first bite, slight disappointment kicks in. The char siew is a little cold. However the taste still has the chargrilled flavour and it's rather smokey. The meat is also very fatty so it can be gelat after a few mouthful.

The egg taste normal with a molten yolk. While it's not the best egg I have tasted before, at least I can still get the taste of mirin etc which is not bad.

To the main tsukemen dipping sauce and ramen noodles itself. From smell wise, the dipping sauce gives a strong bonito flavour and the bowl comes with plenty of spring onions which is very welcomed. The noodles are al dente to the feel which is good.

First bite to the mix of sauce and noodles. Immediately I can taste the bonito flavour and saltiness is quite high on this. Dipping sauce is thick but yet not gluey which is good. Slowly, a slight hint of sourness kicks in which I find it very strange since bonito shouldn't have that taste either.

Generally I think it's too salty and it's hard to finish the bowl. If the dipping sauce would be less salty and comes without a sour taste, I think it would be much better. However if you compare this with Menya Musashi Tsukemen, this will easily beat that. Menya Musashi Tsukemen has not much flavour and dipping sauce is not thicken at all.

All in all, I can't really recommend this tsukemen unless the saltiness can be adjusted to lower level but once that can be done, it's a passable tsukemen for sure.

2.8V out of 5

Ramen Champion
Bugis+ #04-10, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

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