Food Review: Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake

(located in Tanglin Halt Food Centre)

This has gotta be one of my earliest wake up day just to get food. This is the much famed stall selling old school style peanut pancake that will usually get sold out by 9am and the uncle and auntie will start up the stall at about 3am. So to make sure I get a piece of this, is to wake up and travel.

Original Peanut Pancake
Price: $0.80

Pancake mix toasted in pan and sandwiched with grounded peanuts and sugar

Very old school Singapore kind of pancake. Interior of the pancake is soft and slightly spongy with texture. Some may find that it's a little uncooked but I guess this is the style of pancake that uncle fixed up!

The dough and flavour of the pancake is like normal pancakes we get elsewhere, nothing really stands out except the skin of the pancake has a little kind of stretchiness to it.

There are also crispy edges on the pancakes which a lot of youngsters like but not aplenty in the pancake by this stall. Some other famous stalls like Pancake King will have the crispy edges for sure. Some of the older stalls that I have went to also have lesser crispy edges but more sponginess compared. So I guess it's down to personal preference on this.

The peanut fillings are very generous and fragrant though. Usually it's not easy to get this fragrance but it's definitely good here. It's not as dry as most peanut fillings that you get elsewhere. Theirs are slightly a little more oily. The fillings are also a little bit sweeter than usual ones as well.

All in all, frankly I would not travel early just to get the pancakes but the generosity of the fillings are something that really attracts me though.

3.5V out of 5

48A Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 148813
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Suggested Carpark
Directly opposite Tanglin Halt Market. Small car park but if you want to get this, you have to come early which there will be ample car park in the first place

Nearest MRT
Commonwealth MRT (somewhat walkable distance)

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