Food Review: Tai Wah Pork Noodles @ Hong Lim Food Centre

(located at level 2, Hong Lim Food Centre)

**Pork Noodles (Dry) **
Price: $6/$8/$10 (pictured $8)

This is the NOT branch of the much famed Crawford Lane Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. I had tried the Crawford lane one and it was pretty decent but a little expensive compared to the flavour that one is getting. But again, it's probably one of the better dry pork noodles I have eaten in Singapore.

Since we are here early in the morning and there is no queue, we decided to give this a shot and see if it is as good as the famed stall in Crawford Lane.

First to the ingredients. The bowl include noodles obviously, minced pork, pork slices, pork balls, liver slices, dumplings and dried flat fish (fried).

Now to the flavour. The standard I had in crawford lane was so much better than the stall here.

The soup was bland although you can see the pork residue which usually signify a better flavoured bowl of soup. Definitely not so for this. The noodles had no other taste other than vinegar and the total overall flavour was just vinegar and nothing else. Ingredients are fresh though but nothing unusual.

In crawford lane, there was this unami taste in the bowl of noodles. Here, the noodles are mushy compared to aldente texture and the flat taste here really makes this bowl a big no no to continue. I'm usually tempted to finish the food when it's good but I simply couldn't for this bowl. Further if you look at the leftover sauce, there isn't much left which again gives tell tale since that the sauce is not sufficient.

All in all, not worth to queue given another chance. Maybe the owner had a bad start but I certainly wouldn't give it a shot again.

If I have a craving for dry pork noodles, I will go to the original stall depending on the queue.

2.5V out of 5


531A Upper Cross St, #02-16, Singapore 051531

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Easiest will be Hong Lim Food Centre but it's usually quite full so you can try parking at Chinatown Point.

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Chinatown MRT

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