Food Review: Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe

(located in Insa-Dong area)


A very typical new-age Korean Dessert Cafe with a very nice view of Insa-Dong streetview. The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of a row of 2-storey shops and you can literally watch the people and cars (yes, cars. There is a small road passing through Insa-Dong) passing by and enjoy the serenity of the place.

The cafe can easily accomodate at least 5 x 4 seaters with multiple 2-seaters lined along the window for you to enjoy the street view. There are quite a large number of desserts you can order as well as drinks like the usual lattes etc. The service is friendly but they can't really understand English so you need to point to the menu. Fortunately, the menu comes with English "subtitles", so it's not that difficult as well.

Injeomi Snowflake
Price: $9500 Korean Won (Approx SGD$11)

This is probably the most popular dessert in the cafe other than the seasonal ones like the honeydew ones (it's sold out so I cannot order it). Firstly the ingredients. We ordered the special edition that comes with black sugar (so we called it brown sugar in Singapore) so we are given sugared milk and dark liquid sugar alongside with the Bingsu. The Bingsu itself comes with the shaved ice, roast soy bean powder, mochi balls and almond flakes.

Now to the taste. The taste of the dessert is pretty good, noting the fact that the roasted soy bean powder is very flavourful and taste powdery (very dry which is usual) and have that smokey taste to it. The mochi is pretty good and has a good springy texture. Coupled with the shaved ice and drizzled with the black sugar and milk, the combo is good and comforting.

Look at the shaved ice here! The ice flakes are snow-alike and it feels snow-alike as well when you placed them into your mouth. It's not something that you can get in Singapore with that kind of texture. I wonder what kind of an ice shaving machine they are using to achieve this kind of texture.

In summary, I wanted to try more desserts but we are rather full from the meal so I can only shared this with a friend of mine. You should give this a shot when you are around in Insa-Dong area as the other dessert shops around are pretty much run-the-mill Korean desserts while this is a more modern version with more fanciful flavours.

3.5V out of 5


South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Insa-dong, 인사동길 14

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Jongno 3 Station