Food Review: Reimondo Seafood Congee

(located in Pasir Ris Central Food Centre)


Standard hawker layout with the new age hawker vibe. This food centre houses other social media hyped stalls like Prawnholics and Wild Olives which are pretty decent in their own rights. Located at level 2, it's just a few stalls away from the 2 famed stalls I have mentioned above.

The stall owners are friendly and approachable but during meal times, be expected to wait easily up to 30mins to get to your orders.

Seafood Congee
Price: $6.90 / $12.90 (Pictured $6.90)


The ingredients include prawns, scallops, smoked salmon flakes, clams, smoked snow crab stick, crispy bits and spring onions. There are 2 prawns in the $6.90 bowl and 1.5 scallops (yes 1 full scallop and half scallop), together with some clam meats within.


Taste and texture wise, it's a smooth congee with bonito infused flavour in the congee. Ingredients are fresh and the crispy bits add the additional texture to the already silken texture. I personally find the congee to be not that salty (as opposed to some online review so if you want to put some additional soya sauce, it's fine as well but it may get a little more salty if you are a light flavour eater.
The selling point about this congee is about the wok kei taste but frankly, I do not have that flavour tasted but instead, it comes with Bonito flavour more that may have covered that taste.
The smoked snow crab leg is decent with a little smoked flavour but it's not that strong or empowering. Again it complements the whole dish well in overall.

For the value, this bowl will not disappoint but for viewers whom have seen my previous post (and thank you if you are new to my blog), I'm not into a price to flavour or quantity ratio kind of foodie, so I have to give my honest opinion in terms of taste regardless of price or value.

In terms of flavour, the famous chai chee porridge or the chinatown porridge still gets my vote but all in all, it's definitely worth to come back if you have the time to queue and if you want to savour the seafood that comes with this bowl of congee.

In summary, I would try it again if I'm in the area and when the queue is not too long.

3.5V out of 5

110 Pasir Ris Central, #02-07

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Suggested Carpark
Pasir Ris Central Food Centre MSCP (The carpark of the food centre itself. But please take note of availability during meal times)

Nearest MRT
Pasir Ris MRT

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