Food Review: Ramen Hitoyoshi

(located inside Harbourfront Centre, opposite Starbucks)


The ambience is like any Japanese stall with the standard Japanese deco. The place is not too big, where you can get both indoor seating and outdoor seating, both in aircon condition.

The indoor space consists of 6 bar seats, 4 x 4 seaters, 3 x 2 seaters whereas the outdoor space is about 3 x 4 seaters and 1 x 3 seater.

Ramen Hitoyoshi has condiments just like Keisuke. They also provide Japanese chilli powder, sesame seeds, fried onions and pepper as well.

Condiments include beansprouts and corn. The beansprouts are generally like Keisuke's but a little more spicy than Keisuke's. The corn is welcomed as an alternative to hardboiled eggs. However don't expect the corn to be exceptionally good. It's just normal boiled corn.

Special Chashu Garlic Ramen
Price: $15.90

The special chashu ramen looks pretty impressive when served. Just to set the context, I have asked for thin noodles, to be cooked to hard texture, strong taste for soup which typically means saltier and normal oil portion.

The bowl of ramen comes with 3 special chashu slices, spring onions and fungus. On top of that, I have also asked for extra ajitamago as well.

To the taste department. The soup is not bad, it's thick on consistency and flavourful as a pork broth. The thick consistency is due to the tonkotsu style of soup with quite a bit of pork fat pieces. However, since I have ordered garlic version, I would expect garlic flavour. Unfortunately, the soup does not have much garlic flavour and taste no difference from normal version. It's quite disappointing to be honest from that aspect but the soup is pretty decent though.

The noodles in terms of texture can be harder though i asked for hard texture. The texture should be by right, harder than al dente but it's aldente at best.

Disappointing to say, the noodles are not well cooked as seen from the picture above. There are lumps of ramen still sticking together, which should not be expected at all from a ramen restaurant or even from any noodles stalls even.

The ajitamago egg is molten as it should be and slightly flavoured. It's ok but not mind blowing.

Down to the special chashu slices. The slices are soft and tender enough. It's not the most tender but still good. The meat has a soya sauce and smokey fragrance. The edges of the meat has the smokey flavour but the flavour is not propagating to the centre though. In my opinion, Bariuma has better chashu of this nature in my opinion.

Price: $4.90 (5 pcs)

The skin of the gyoza is thin in generally, and the inner has meat and spring onions. The flavour is ok but the meat is too little. Nothing bad, generally speaking but nothing great either.

In summary, the soup has the level of the Japan's tonkotsu ramen standard but the rest can be better improved. I give it 3.5V because of the soup and I assume that the rest of ingredients are just 1 time misses.

3.5V out of 5


1, #01-99 Maritime Square, Singapore 099253

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