First of all, a BIG Thanks to Porsche Singapore for choosing me as one of the winners to the very unique and solid gift as part of Porsche 911 Launch!

I have chosen to support the 1st generation of Porsche 911 simply because it's a very iconic car that you can recognise throughout so many years. Ask anyone on the street, when you see the "frog" like headlights, people will surely think it's a Porsche. Similarly, anyone who sees the 911 probably knows that that is the Porsche sports car! In fact, I have people who are not into cars telling me that they think Porsche only does sports cars and nothing else (though Cayenne saved Porsche from the pits) but this shows that 911 has always been recognised as the icon and heritage to the brand. Anyway the pictures of gift are as attached below and one thing to comment about Porsche Reception:

You guys are real friendly and professional! Felt so welcomed when I was receiving the gift. Please keep up the good work and I'm sure more people will then feel less intimidated to visit Porsche and perhaps buy a car!

The abstract of my post:
"Nothing beats the 1st generation of an iconic sports car, RR layout and 1st representation of the iconic porsche look that extends to today's 911 in a whole line of heritage."

Here's my contest entry to Porsche 911 (992) Launch