Food Review: Monga Fried Chicken

(located in Jurong East Mall, JEM Basement 1)

Monga Fried Chicken
Price: $6.90 (Seaweed, Spicy, Salt & Pepper)

A bit of queuing but the queue clears pretty fast. The wait for collection is about 10 minutes as there are quite a bit of staff preparing the food.

The ingredients used are pretty standard. It's basically chicken fried with a crunchy batter crust, with additional seasoning on the crust. The 3 main types of seasoning include The King, Hot Chick and TaiKer.

The King is Salt & Pepper seasoning, Hot Chick is Spicy seasoning and Taiker is Seaweed seasoning.

The batter crust is not too thick and it is using breast meat attached to chicken rib bone at the end which is quite huge for the size. Very similar to Devil Chicken using the wet batter mix.

For taste wise, each of the type has its own taste from the seasoning powder.

The salt & pepper version (The King) has the Shilin Chicken style of pepper & salt flavouring. The spicy version (Hot Chick) is pretty much like the Devil Chicken Cayenne powder flavouring. Not that spicy. The seaweed version (Taiker) has the seaweed sprinkled on top generously which returned a very strong seaweed flavour.

The fried chicken's meat is juicy and tender. The meat is not marinated but still exudes good chicken flavour.

In summary, I feel that it's on par with Devil Chicken abeit it has better seasoning on the crust. But if you are expecting a marinated chicken meat, then Devil Chicken would be your choice. Both stalls are better than Shilin for sure so if you want Taiwanese Fried Chicken and big portion, both stalls would not disappoint.

3.5V out of 5


50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-K10 Jem, Singapore 608549

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