Food Review: Ministry of Burgers

(located along walkway just outside the MRT and White Sands)


The shop is made up of a small seating area of 4 high tables and 2 rows of side tables. Not very big and they should have use lower seats for better access. Unfortunately the place also smell of oily air. They should have isolated their kitchen. The oily smell and air comes into the dining area which makes the experience drops. Otherwise, the staff is friendly and service is alright.

Beef Ramly Burger (Double Patty)
Price: $8.10 (add $2.80 for meal with fries & drink)

The ingredients.
The burger consists of Ramly beef patty and egg. The sauce include chilli sauce, pepper sauce and mayonnaise. The biryani fries are sprinkled with biryani and chilli powder mix while the cheese fries is drizzled with pre-made cheese sauce.

To the taste.
The biryani fries is basically biryani seasoning sprinkled on the fries. It's decent coming from the fact it's freshly made. A little salty and spicy in flavour. Portion wise is like MacDonald's small fries size. Similar to the biryani fries, the cheese fries was made with nacho cheese sauce drizzled on it.

For the double patty Ramly beef burger, the taste is pretty authentic. The patties are wrapped with an egg around it and the patties are bigger than usual Ramly patty and gives a pretty good flavour. The pepper sauce taste a little sweet, similarly for the chilli sauce as well but overall, it still gives you that Ramly sweetness of chilli and peppery taste. The bun is soft and feels like the mass produced buns in factory which is a key character of Ramly. Good thing is they did toast the inner side of the bun. The cheese melts very nicely (if you add on cheese) and gooey on the burger, making it pretty ebjoyable.

In summary, you cannot find Ramly burgers easily in Singapore anymore other than Pasar Malam popping up once in a while. So it's good to have a shop like this to fulfill the cravings without having to go Malaysia.

One thing which I have feed back to the owner is to add more sauce for double patties.

3.5V out of 5


1, #01-30 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, White Sands Shopping Centre, Singapore 518457

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