Food Review: Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food

(located in Feng Shan Food Centre or better known as Blk 85 Food Centre @ Bedok)

Vegetarian Vermicelli
Price: $2/$2.50 (pictured $2.50)

One of my childhood dishes in Bedok area. They have been here for at least 20 years. and nope, I didn't post it just because I had eaten it since young. It is purely because it's of real good taste and hence I felt it's a must to share with my viewers.

This stall sells nothing except for vegetarian vermicelli. And if you come around 9am in the morning on weekdays (it get worst on 1st and 15th of Lunar Month) or weekends, you can expect a queue. It's well-loved by neighbours because of its price as well as its taste.

The ingredients include vermicelli with cabbage and carrot shreds, green peas, fried beancurd skins, vegetarian meat and vegetarian char siew. By the way, you can't choose ingredients, it's pre-defined. However you can ask to add on quantity.

The taste. Looks messy but the taste is very good. Peppery vermicelli with good rice flavour stirred fried to a springy texture. The fried beancurd skin is crispy and the vegetarian meats are very flavourful and tasty. When mixed in together, it produces a very unique flavour that you don't get else where.

Special mention must be given to the red chilli sauce. The sauce is not like your usual spicy alone kind of chilli sauce. It taste a little spicy but also veered more towards the sweet end with a good blend of sesame seeds that I suspect was pre-toasted before cooked together with the chilli mix. Ask for more if you like chilli and I am very sure you will not be disappointed. If you are not a fan of red chilli sauce, do ask for pickled green chilli. They have that too.

All in all, for a person whom don't fancy any vegetarian food like myself and I can bring myself to finish the whole plate, it's quite an amazing feat. Strongly recommend that next time you are at Fengshan Food Centre in the morning, do give this a try.

4.5V out of 5

85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-58, Singapore 460085

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Suggested Carpark
The carpark besides the food centre during week days else MSCP Block 187 would be your best bet.

Nearest MRT
Bedok or Tanah Merah MRT but you need to take feeder bus

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