Food Review: Wanton Noodles @ Mei Yuen Restaurant

(located along East Coast Road, beside famous Ampang Niong Tau Hu)


The ambience for Mei Yuen Restaurant has always been the old school type of shop house. There are a lot of people specially going to Chin Mee Chin Confectionary nearby will get the same vibe in this shop. The servers, mainly a young lady now, together with an old uncle and auntie are very friendly and will ask for what you want and prepare the food for you. The place is relatively clean and spacious too (at least in the morning).

Wanton Mee (Dry)
Price: $5

The ingredients are made of the usual suspects: Plain egg noodles with charsiew, comes with 3 boiled wantons in a bowl of soup. You can choose your dry wanton noodles either in chilli or black sauce. The noodles also comes with  additional cabbages which is quite rare.


The noodles are well cooked, aldente style. The sauce is black soya sauce (or you can order with chilli sauce) that came with something that adds unami flavour and sweetness to it. Could be the oil that drip from the char siew or something. Basically it's very old school style plus some extra flavour which is quite hard to get nowadays. The chilli is different from usual sambal chilli you get outside for noodles. Can only say it complements well with the unami flavour sauce but don't expect the chilli to be strong and punchy if you like those. It's pretty mild by Singaporean standards.

The wanton is normal, nothing to shout about except the meat inside is succulent and good quantity. The soup is more towards a little herbal, kind of the herbal soup you will expect from duck rice. Not too bad on the soup as it's not too herbal for me. Again old school type of flavour.

The char siew is a little drier than usual but still pretty decent with a strong marinated char siew flavour. Comes with charred bitd here and there which is important.

Overall, a good plate of wanton noodles for sure.

Roast Duck
Price: $13 / per quarter

Flavoured with a bit of char and the duck is pretty well done in terms of cook-ness. Not too dry and yet succulent which is not easy to achieve. Comes with the duck sauce drizzled on top. The flavour of the sauce is not too salty and comes again with hint of sweetness. The skin of the duck is not the crispy type but old school style where the skin is more charred than usual but still maintains the oiliness on it. Can't say it's great but decent enough.

In summary, for people who wants to reminiscence some old flavoured wanton noodles should come here for a meal. Try the wanton noodles and skip the duck if you are a fan of crispy duck instead.

4V out of 5

233 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428928
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Suggested Carpark
Along East Coast Road if you are early in the morning before 9am. It's still relatively easy to find along the road side

Nearest MRT
Eunos MRT (Not within walking distance)

BMW Z4 35is
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