Food Review: Man Man Unagi & Tendon Kohaku Collaboration

(located in The Central, B1)


A new collaboration from Man Man Unagi and Tendon Kohaku restaurant. Man Man has been known for their unagi with long queues outside their Keong Saik main shop every day it opens. Tendon Kohaku is famous for their tempura don and their Suntec outlet always have long queues during their opening hours. With this 2 shops sitting side by side (nope it's not combined), you can expect some interesting collaborative dishes coming out from them.

Today I will cover a special collaboration dish from Tendon Kohaku which I feel is the real signature from both shops. Look further down in the post for that review.

Within the new Kohaku and Man Man outlet, what you have is both restaurants have about 40 seats each. What can be confusing for people who just came to explore these shops is that you will think that both shops gets the same menu which is not the case. Man Man's side, you will get the usual Man Man menu together with colloborative dish which is Kaisen & Hitsumabushi and Tendon Kohaku covers another one.

The space in Tendon Kohaku is adequate and reflects the same design language of their other outlets with a Japanese decor. To be honest, it's not easy to notice Kohaku because you tend to see Man Man first rather than Kohaku unless you come from the MRT side. To find Kohaku, all you have to do is find Man Man and take a left turn or you can go down to basement 1 via the escalator from Hokkaido Ice Cream side.

Both restaurants are just side by side to each other.

Jumbo Fried Unagi with Multi-grain Rice
Price: $29++

So what could be the signature dish from restaurants in my opinion? It has to be fried unagi don right?!

Man Man is famous for their grilled unagi and Kohaku is famous for their tempura so the best representation would have to be the combo of the 2 main dishes!

I ordered the fried unagi don with spicy sauce and multi-grain rice for a more healthier variation (ok it's just to make myself feel less sinful).

When the bowl arrived, I was amazed by how much and how big the Unagi is. In this dish, you get a standard bowl of rice which is normal and on top of that, you get a full piece of fried unagi as well! Talking about value, this is real good value.

First bite! The fried unagi is very crispy and yet soft & tender and sucullent with good unagi fatiness in the middle. The fish within is laced with Man Man's famous unagi sauce and chargrilled. The batter feels pretty light (though I felt the Suntec outlet has a lighter feel) and the overall taste feels so much alleviated. I get to enjoy both the chargrilled unagi and tempura at the same time!

Tendon sauce is as per Kohaku's standard sauce, sweet and savoury at the same time, going very well with the rice. The spicy sauce is the same as other Kohaku outlet but here, I guess it helps to break the oiliness more.

Rice is multi grain which is a little harder but more healthy and I think it's of good flavour and content in terms of the grains used within.

One special note to potential diners. Take note this bowl will get gelat due to the fats from unagi and batter so if you can, order some hot tea to balance it up.

In summary, definitely recommend that you should try this for sure. Not much to say but I really hope that the batter can be made more fluffy and lighter as per Suntec outlet in future so I can finish the dish without the feel of gelatness.

3.9V out of 5 (minus 0.1 for gelatness)

Clarke Quay Central
6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817, Basement 1