Food Review: Ma Li Ya Virgin Soya Sauce Chicken

(located in Chinatown Food Centre, level 2)

Signature Soya Sauce Chicken
Price: $20 (whole) $10 (half), pictured whole

After hearing much fave from the social media as well as per a relative's recommendation, we decided to give this soya sauce chicken place a visit.

Firstly, the chicken rice was really standard. Nothing to shout about on the flavour. Just standard chicken rice flavour, drizzled with a little soya sauce from the chicken. However, from the sauce, you could taste a little bit of the sweetness and savoury of the sauce with a little chicken oil flavour.

Now to the chicken. The looks of the chicken tell you that the chicken had been marinated well and the skin was thoroughly cooked with the soya sauce concoction. The chicken should not been cooked for long period as the chicken was tender, flavourful even to the meat itself. The soya sauce flavour was not just soya sauce with chicken oil but some extra ingredient must have been added in to have that extra flavour inside. The sauce was generally savoury and a little sweet, with a little sesame oil and something else, maybe chicken oil and some secret ingredient.

Instead of being thick in nature like some other famous soya sauce chicken, the sauce here was thinner but still exuded that very nice fragrance. It can be very addictive.

Another way to check out the tenderness of the chicken was to look at the chicken breast meat.

From the picture, you can, for sure deduce that the chicken breast is soft and succulent.

Oyster Sauce Vegetables
Price: $3 per plate

While the chicken was really good, the oyster sauce vegetables paled in comparison. It was rather bitter to taste (which was usual but it could be made to be not so bitter) and it was just standard vegetable dish that you could get anywhere.

Signature Braised Beancurd
Price: $1.40 per pc

This was another good dish from this stall. In fact, I think this could be one of the better, if not the best braised beancurd I ever had due to the type of beancurd used and the special soya sauce.

The beancurd looked very normal from exterior and in fact, it looked even like the usual braised tau por from any chicken rice stall but if you take a closer look at the last picture, you will definitely realised that it was made from the soft beancurd! This was something that was very uncommon and the beancurd, together with the sauce exude a good soya sauce flavour with some sesame oil flavour. Perhaps due to the sweet nature of the soya sauce, it brought out the tender and smoonth texture of the beancurd. One of the rare finds and I strongly recommend you to have a go at this if you visit.

In summary, one of the best soya sauce chicken in my opinion less the rice. I don't take a lot of rice nowadays but I guess if you mixed the sauce and chicken together with the rice, it should be top-notch. But again the chicken and the beancurd alone are enough to bring me back again.

4V out of 5

Chinatown Food Center Chinatown 02-189, Smith St

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