Food Review: Lola's Cafe

(located along Simon Road)


Nice cosy environment albeit a little small on each shop section. The servers were friendly and prompt. One thing for sure was that their serving speed was pretty fast which was good.

Baileys Affrogato
Price: $6

To be honest, I didn't expect much on the drink but they got me there with a good baileys punch with good chocolate flakes and nice creamy thick vanilla ice cream with expresso coffee. Thumbs up for that if you like alcoholic drink.

Crab Cake Benedict
Price: $18

The ingredients include poached eggs, muffins, fried crab cake, miso hollandaise sauce, japanese sesame and seaweed and salad greens.

The salad greens was laced with standard vinegrette and nothing much to shout about. The muffin was lightly toasted and the crab cake was fried well. The poached eggs can be more runny as it's a little tough on the whites.

Overall the flavour felt like Japanese taste of seaweed and sesame with good crabby flavour. I can feel the crispiness of the crab cake which was commendable. However, I was hoping to taste the miso hollandaise but it was very mild which was a disappointment.

All in all, it was decent.

Ultimate Croissant
Price: $15

Ingredients include salad greens and baby tomatoes with vinegrette. You can expect most, if not all of their salads were going to be done that way. The main components were croissant itself, scrambled eggs and ham.

To the taste. The scrambled eggs were well made. Not too watery nor too tough. Flavour was decent.

The croissant was cripsy and fluffy. The whole combo was decent but not mind blowing. For the price, it could be a little too steep.

Basil Mushroom Toast
Price: $14

The ingredients include stirred fried mushrooms, poached eggs, bean sprouts and pesto basil sauce on a piece of thick toast.

Flavour was very strong on basil pesto taste. The mushroom was well seasoned and stirred fried well. The poached eggs were a little overcooked though it was still runny. The overall combo was decent but not mind blowing. In general, just a pretty well made croissant with eggs.

Honey Wings & Drumlets
Price: $10

Simple description: Fried chicken wing with honey and paprika powder.

The inside of the wings were tender and the skin was cripsy. Not much of dough was being used which was good. The overall flavour was nice and well marinated with hint of honey and little paprika, making it smoky in flavour. Probably the best dish in Lola's.

Bangers & Mash
Price: $11

Very good creamy mashed potato with nice buttery flavour. Sauce was caramelised onions with a good salty base and yet infused with sweet onion flavour. The sausage was rather run-the-mill with a little peppery taste but still decent but the sauce and potato were really a good mix.

In summary, Lola served pretty good fare of western cuisine breakfast. They have lunch and dinner options which I didn't try. The pricing can be high depending on what you eat, so if they can reduce the price, it could be one of the better value cafes around.

3.5V out of 5


5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893

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Kovan MRT

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