Food Review: Lay Eng Lor Mee

(located near Frontier building, along Fong Kim Exhaust stretch)

Lor Mee
Price: $3.50/$4/$4.50 (Pictured $4)

Having some time in the morning after sending the kids to school so my wife and myself decided to try Lay Eng's lor mee located not too far from our place.

The ingredients include a few pieces of braised meat which is pretty small in size, ngioh hiong slices, fried fish and beansprouts.

Flavour first. The lor or braised sauce is not strong enough. The sauce lacks the usual five spice powder flavour and general braised sauce flavour. The fried fish is fresh though and it's tender and crispy. The ngioh hiong is nice with pretty solid meat texture and crispy beancurd skin but lack the standard flavour. If it's the first time I'm eating lor mee, I would probably think the ngioh hiong is a fried meat piece in beancurd skin. The marinate is simply another flavour altogether. One more thing on the sauce which is common for lor mee, the sauce turns watery but for Lay Eng, it's faster than usual even without much stirring.

The braised meat is ok. It's probably the most flavourful meat in the whole dish. However the quantity given is little and the size of the meat is small.

The sambal chilli used in the dish is standard sambal chilli so nothing to shout about it.

I think the much raved about this stall is because of its location and perhaps rarity of this dish in the industrial area. It's ok tasting but you can find better ones elsewhere but however within this estate, it's probably the best tasting.

3V out of 5


3014 Ubi Rd 1, Singapore 408702

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