Food Review: L'atelier Tiramisu

(located in Clarke Quay Central Basement 1 near to Don Donki Food Court)


It's not easy to find a cafe serving good tiramisu nowadays in Singapore. I used to frequent Pregos 10+ years ago for their tiramisu and since a couple of years ago, their tiramisu standards had been dropping. Since then, L'atelier Tiramisu had been my go-to for tiramisu for a while until again a few years ago, I never had tiramisu for a while since my wife made them nowadays. Well today we revisited them again. The usual 4 tables of 3 seaters, 10 seats of bar side greeted us and not to mention the lady boss. The usual small but warm cafe feel is something that we always like to have a cuppa and tiramisu while enjoying a quiet moment.

Classic Tiramisu
Price: $7.50

Still the best in this establishment. Decent piece of Tiramisu with good cocoa powder topped and good punch of coffee and wine flavour within the cake. The touch of softness is still there though seems to be a little harder as compared to the past but still decent for sure. Prefer the coffee layer to be a little more moist though. Definitely one of the better tiramisu in town.

Brulee Tiramisu
Price: $7.50

Same as classic version except this has a good caramelised sugar crisp on top with a good vanilla cream. Not much of wine which is expected since it's creme brulee flavour and doesn't taste as sweet which is very welcomed.

Dark Cherry Tiramisu
Price: $7.50

Dark cherry dipped in wine or brandy but yet not overpowered by alcohol taste. Very similar to the classic except it lacks a little coffee balance here and is a little bit harder than classic.

All in all, it used to be better. Not that it isn't good now. The flavour and texture in the past used to be more flavourful from coffee and wine blend while the texture is a little softer than compared now. But it's still one of the better tiramisu cafe around for sure.

3.7V out of 5


6 Eu Tong Sen Street, B1-08/09, Singapore 059817

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