Food Review: Keisuke Ramen Lobster King

(located within Clarke Quay, besides Neverland, opposite Tang Music Box)


One of the more famed outlets other than the tonkotsu outlets, this outlet serves lobster based ramen. First step into the restaurant will make you feel prawny because the outlet is full of that smell. The decoration pales though it still have a very Japanese look and feel but it's also bigger than the usual speciality outlet size eg Sukiyaki-Don outlet only has 14 seats compared to this outlet. This outlet can easily accomodate 50 pax at one shot.

One of the things that this outlet can improve is to open up the sections. While I understand that the outlet can be short-staffed at certain hours, it might be still good to have more people in the outlet rather than queuing outside when you have space inside. Those of you whom wanna try this place should avoid meal times for sure.

Also do remember that this outlet opens only from 6pm onwards till wee hours of 5am with last order at 4am. If you are one of the party goers or night owls, this could serve as a place for late night supper.

As per all Keisuke outlets, there will be some form of condiments together with appetiters. No exception for this outlet for sure. The standard spiced bean sprouts in sesame oil and hard boiled eggs are served here. To enjoy the hard boiled egg, you can typically use salt or soya sauce to accompany the eggs but I would strongly recommend that you do this with mayonaise provided and add Japanese Chilli Powder for a different spin.

By the way, do you know that the white shell eggs has higher cholesterol than the beige shell eggs? At least this is what the notice on Keisuke says.

Lobster Broth (Rich Soup) Ramen
Price: $14.90

By right, usually in any review, it's always putting the most flavourful item at the last but in my case today, I think it's really about being truthful and straight to the point since it can be a love/hate kind of situation for speciality flavours.

Firstly, I asked for less noodles. The noodles still came in as a pretty large portion even for a guy. I would say they are pretty generous with their quantity and this makes their set very value-for-money.

Off to the taste. Only one description: Extremely prawny and probably to the verge of "disgusting" for people whom don't like seafood especially crayfish and prawns. I have chosen normal for oil, saltiness and texture of noodles so this should be the normal Japanese taste of ramen. I personally think it was alright as I'm still pretty open to such taste and in fact, i think the broth takes a good amount of time and effort to make and hence the flavour really hits in. Other than that, the soup is rich and your mouth will have a little stickiness from the thick broth probably due to the oil resulting from long hours of cooking. This is a must have for prawn or crayfish lovers.

The ramen comes with spring onions, leeks, chashu, bamboo shoots, fungus, 1 prawn wanton and a leaf of gailan veg. The extra fried prawn ball you saw in the bowl was an add-on ($1 each).

Some little complain on the prawn wanton. Although the bowl is already pretty good value but the wanton only contains one small shrimp inside and nothing else. It's a little disappointing to be honest. If this would have been mixed with some pork to make it more succulent, will make this ramen even better.

Miso Lobster Broth Ramen
Price: $14.90

Similarly to the rich soup ramen, this ramen comes with a miso punch. It do not seems that the miso ramen uses the rich soup broth but more towards the clear soup broth but surprisingly the flavour of prawns or crayfish is still pretty significant in this bowl of ramen. In fact other than miso taste and down playing of the raw prawn taste, this ramen will certainly taste more platable to people. At least it has a good balance of both flavours.

Similarly we asked for less noodles and the noodles came in large portion. Ingredients are the same as the rich broth version.

Lobster Broth (Clear Soup) Ramen
Price: $13.90

Certainly, for someone whom still like prawn but probably only can take flavours similar to our local prawn noodles, should try the clear version.

This particular version do not have our local prawn soup sweetness but in replacement, the prawn taste is more pronounced while at the same time, it's not as gelat as the previous 2 versions. A definite recommend for people whom are not so adventurous to go deep for taste for a start.

Beef Tataki
Price: $9.80

A dish whereby you have grilled beef, done to medium rare and placed on top of a stack of onions and accompanied by a slice of lemon with ponzu sauce. The beef doesn't taste gamey but neither does it taste beefy. When mixed around the sauce, onions and meat, the end result is a flavourful mouth of freshness of lemon and crunchiness of onions. Not the best as I would expect more from the beef but again for those whom wanna have freshness within a stack of meat kind of flavour, you can give this a try.

Stir Fried Mushroom with Garlic & Butter
Price: $8.80

The stir fried mushrooms here are really pretty well done. The mushrooms are juicy and exudes a very buttery and mushroomy smell. A tad oily but you can seriously taste the high heat stir fry taste infused inside or what Cantonese called it "wok hei".

All in all, it's a speciality outlet by Keisuke. Though it's called Lobster King, but I think the real ingredients inside the broth is really crayfish and perhaps prawns. Nevertheless, for people who like prawny and oceany taste would definitely find this place worthwhile to visit. For those whom are not really into seafoody stuff, I would strongly recommend that you can take the clear soup base and start with less oil and less salty option. Food portion again, is generous even for big eaters.

3.5V out of 5


3C River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Block C, #01-07, The Cannery, Singapore 179022

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Suggested Carpark
Liang Court would be your best bet. Usually there are ample parking and it will ease the pain of trying to get a road side parking somewhere.

Nearest MRT
Clarke Quay MRT with a little bit of walk

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