Food Review: Keisuke Ginza Tendon Itsuki

(located along Tanjong Pagar Road, besides Kajiken at Orchid Hotel and Hokkaido Izakaya)


The actual shop space is not very big to be honest. In fact it seems that Keisuke's speciality shop seems to be smaller than their ramen outlets usually. I think the max people that the outlet can accomodate is about 30 pax at max with 1 row of counter seats and a couple of 4 seaters.

As part of Keisuke's practice, each outlet will have some side condiments as well as appetiters for a start. In this outlet as well as the Paya Lebar Tendon Itsuki outlet have this pickled vegetable with Japanese chilli powder and pepper as the standard. As per standard tendon stall, it will come with tendon sauce for customers to addon.

Tendon Special
Price: $13.90

I will give a more detailed review on the bowl itself later. First off to the side dishes that was given as part of the set meal.


Pretty good Chawamushi. It has the unami taste to it given that it's a free side dish. You can see that it's good because the eggs are steamed without bubble on top and still feels silky smooth. The chawamushi comes with mushroom, little seaweed as decoration, jap fishcake, 1 small shrimp and ginko nut.

Miso Soup

Standard miso soup with beancurd bits and seaweed. Nothing to shout about but it's not too bad either.

The Tendon Bowl

The Tendon bowl comes with Tempura Pumpkin, Mini-maze, Asparagus, Mushroon, 2 shrimps and 2 chicken breasts.

On top of these, at the bottom of the tempura, there is a fried egg laid on top of the rice and the egg is cooked to a watery yolk texture which you can break apart and let the yolk infused into the rice. If you would like, drizzle more tendon sauce onto the rice to add flavour.

The tempura is made up of standard tempura batter. For 2 visits so far to this and Paya Lebar outlet, the consistency of the crispiness of the tempura items varies quite a bit. Some are served crispy and some are not which is quite a disappointment since tempura are supposed to be crispy throughout. One special note is that its not the tendon sauce that causes the tempura to soften but rather the mixture of batter and frying method. I had better tempura and would prefer tempura batter for lighter and crispier feel but again, those bowls are significantly more expensive which then makes this set more value worth.

Despite the lack of tempura crispiness, the ingredients used are top notch for sure. Prawns are fresh, breast is tender and others are good in flavour. Nothing to complain for sure. Some examples are shown below like good thick mushroom, and spongy prawns.

Tendon sauce is really so so with soya and sweet in taste. Compared to other places' tendon sauce, the tendon sauce here pales in comparison.

In summary, for this value it's really nothing to complain but if you desire a better bowl of tempura tendon, there are other better outlets.

3.3V out of 5


101 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088522

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Suggested Carpark
Along Tras Street but it may get real busy. Alternative carpark will be Icon Village or 100am mall with ample carpark lots.

Nearest MRT
Tanjong Pagar MRT

Mercedes Benz A200