Food Review: Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist

(located on level 2, Hong Lim Food Centre)

Signature Wanton Noodles
Price: $4.50/$5.50/$6.50/$8.50 (pictured $6.50)

The Ingredients.
The bowl of wanton noodle consists of charsiew, wantons, noodles, braised mushroom, fried dumplings and gailan vegetables. The portions are very generous.

To the Taste.
The fried dumpling is deep dried and very crispy, though there is not a lot of meat inside though. Unfortunately there is still an alkaline taste due to the skin.

Now to the Charsiew. The charsiew is a little tough but flavourful enough. It's nothing special in flavour though.

The boiled wanton is succulent and taste a little peppery. The wanton has a good meat quantity and feels spongy. Pretty well made.

It's quite unusual for stalls to include gailan vegetables nowadays as it's usually served as a separate dish. The taste of the vegetables is a little bitter as usual but unique most welcome for people who like it.

Now to the main character: The Noodles. The noodles are well cooked to aldente texture with the sauce made with a dark sauce base. The sauce has an unique sesame flavour, unami modern flavour as one of the key selling point of this stall. Pretty good.

The soup however is your usual wanton soup so nothing to shout about.

In summary, a good stall to try when you are here if you are here at Hong Lim and it's pretty filling and satisfying.

3.5V out of 5 (Almost wanted to give it a 4V but because of the fried dumpling, the score dropped)


Block 531A, Upper Cross Street, Level 2 #02-49, Hong Lim Food Complex

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Suggested Carpark
Hong Lim Food Centre Public Multi-Storey Car Park (Carpark Lot is a little small though)

Nearest MRT
Chinatown MRT

Mercedes Benz A200
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