Food Review: Jalan Tua Kong Ah Lim (Not Lau Lim) Fishball Mee Pok

(located within Simpang Bedok)

Fishball Mee Pok
Price: $4.50/$5.50/$6.50 (pictured $5.50)

Having breakfast with wife today and we decided to go to some place nearer. So in the end we came by Simpang Bedok to try the other Jalan Tua Kong noodles.

One thing to note that this is not the actual Jalan Tua Kong noodles (the real one is opposite the road, Lau Lim. But I heard Lau Lim might not be the 1st stall as well as there was another partner whom does this but anyway, that's another story that I will try to find out next time)

This bowl of teochew noodles comes more generously with ingredients. The ingredients include 2 prawns, fish cake slices, lots of minced meat, 2 fishballs, pork lard and fried onion oil, sambal chilli, pork slices and lettuce.

Generally taste wise, the prawn is definitely fresh and springy, similar to the original one. The key difference for this stall is that they serve only fishball compared to other stall and their fishballs are factory made. Having said, I think it's still acceptable as long as the ingredients are fresh.

The soup is based on pork bones if I'm not wrong as it had the porky taste to it. The soup is pretty decent and more flavourful compared to usual mee pok soup you get from normal stall.

The chilli in Mee pok is hot and spicy and taste pretty good. It don't seem to be factory made for this though.

Now to the mee pok itself. The taste of the noodles are more of a standard mee pok taste but it's much nicer and tastier with hint of vinegar in the whole dish which is commendable. The overall saltishness is slightly saltier than Lau Lim and per se previously, it's total different from Lau Lim and slightly cheaper.

Noodles itself is al dente, and you can taste the pork lard etc in the noodles and sauce. Ingredients generally are fresh and it doesn't come with any bean sprouts like Lau Lim.

All in all, it's still an above average dry mee pok noodles for sure as the sauce and noodles taste better than standard ones and not to mention that they are generous on ingredients makes it worthwhile to try if you are around the vicinity.

3.5V out of 5

324 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469493

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Suggested Carpark
Within Simpang Bedok. Can choose to park at nearby landed estate area if crowded.

Nearest MRT
Tanah Merah MRT (not within walking distance)

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