Car Review: Jaguar I-Pace Launch Event

(Location: Media Circle)

First-ever indoor car launch event in Singapore. This event was held over the weekend. Charlene and Vicardo attended the session on 16 March 19 to have a test drive in Jaguar's lastest electric SUV.

Launch Event
First of all, this will be the usual standard that you can expect from Wearnes specifically for Jaguar events with the snacks and drink buffet. The key difference this round is that the event is held indoors to demonstrate the zero emission of Jaguar I-Pace. It's not easy to get this permit from the authorities.

First of all, I must say that the car is very handsome in person especially for the specific Italian Racing Red that is on demonstration. The car comes with 2 boots (front and back) which usual cars (unless you are driving Mid-engine Rear Wheel cars like Porsches) would not have both front and back boots. In addition, the rear boot is bigger unlike MR cars in general. The battery is located at the base of the car.

The exterior of the new I-Pace exudes a sense of sportiness while being a SUV, it feels more like a SUV coupe. The headlights comes in LED by default and you get the signature Jaguar DRL which represents the J signage in the headlights. The rear is an adaptation of th F-Type rear tail lamps in a more squarish form which gives it a more futuristic feel. It still feels like the eyes of a jaguar. The rims are huge at 22inch and it's using a specially tailored rims unlike the usual F-Pace rims which clearly differentiates the 2 SUVs.

First feel stepping into the I-Pace gives u a feel of spaciousness. First the space is more than ample with a long wheel base and the full length sunroof contributed to the spacious feel as well. The cabin is well built with the usual elements of leather but there are still some plastic elements. Being a near $400,000 car, the luxurious feel should be further elevated to keep itself in competition of the popular brands like Mercedes, BMW etc. The interior also have a lot of touch based controls like aircon, ICE etc. The system also displays the electric charging status, the level of charge left and how the whole system is performing during drive. Obviously it has the usual modes of drive like sports mode etc and one special control includes an emulation of auto moveoff option which all engine-based auto transmission car have when u put it to drive mode due to the engagememt of clutch. As the electric motor do not need a clutch, you can then choose to enable or disable this functionality.

In all, the I-Pace is a very capable electric SUV that holds a distance of up to 400km per charge and represents the maturity of electric based vehicles. However, with the non-friendly tax towards electric cars structure, this SUV remains a toy for the richer instead of a more accessible option for the middle class people in Singapore which is supposedly to be the case if you look at other countries' portfolio of this car.

Youtube Video

Engine Capacity: Full-Electric
Bhp: 396bhp
Torque: 696Nm
0-100km/h: 4.8s
Top Speed: 200km/h
Transmission: Single Speed
Drive Type: All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Curb Weight: 2.13 tonnes
Length: 4.68m
Width: 2.01m
Height: 1.57m

The Good
Punchy drive and push the back feeling is strong. The torque is HIGH.
Luxurious feel in the cabin. Modern high tech equipment without being too ipadish.
Acceleration is very good as it's pure electric motor so there is no lag.
Cornering aka handling is very good. Body roll is minimum but somehow, it lacks the sports car feel unlike F-Pace, it gives u a sporty feeling in SUV
Steering is accurate and responsive.

The Not-so-Good
Brakes could be better with a more progressive braking.
Interiors though well built, can be given more options as default eg free passenger memory seats etc.
Electric car lacks the engine note and exhaust noise so the cabin is rather quiet. Controversial if you would like you ride to have some form of noise so it would be good if they could inject some sporty element in the car.

Torque & Acceleration (aka backside feel)
4.5V out of 5

4V out of 5

4V out of 5

Exterior Look
4.5V out of 5

4V out of 5

HSE, First Edition

Retail Price
SGD$358,000 onwards with COE