Food Review: 小杨生煎包

(located along Huang He Road)

上海生煎包 or Pan-fried Pork Buns (Sherperd's Purse/Crawfish/Original)
Price: RMB$9/$19/$9 (4 pc each)

Flavourful 生煎包 in a single description and most importantly, the most important 2 factors in this dish is soupy and crispy bottom which is done very well in this branch for all 3 flavours. The amazing thing is that they can get enough soup in the crawfish version which is pretty awesome. The pork within the buns are pretty flavourful and soup taste just right for the various flavour. The crawfish though is the much famed spicy version that you can eat in China, the version here is not too spicy. For Singaporean palatte, it's barely spicy. However there is a strong crawfish flavour which is good. Generally speaking the buns fillings are generous.

Obviously this dish is best to be eaten fresh on the spot to ensure that the skin remains soft on top and cripsy at the bottom. Coupled with the dried chilli and vingear, perfect snack for a late afternoon.

Ordered the curry flavour beef soup. Basically this is not the focus and naturally I wasn't expecting a lot from this. The soup is bland, no curry flavour even at the slightest hint and no beef flavour as well. The meat within is pretty tough and little. I would strongly recommend you to skip this soup. You could try other soup though I did not try but I think the focus is still the buns.

Not bad to give it a try when you are around.

3.3V out of 5

97 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

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