Food Review: Hong Kee Beef Noodles

(located in Amoy Street Food Centre, level 1. Same stretch as A Noodle Story)

Beef Noodles (Dry mixed)
Price: $5/$6 (pictured $6)

It's been a long while since I have visited Amoy Street Food Centre. There are a lot of food here and some of my favourites as well. Unfortunately, since it's a Saturday, a lot of stalls are not opened so I have to try something that I have not tried before but seems to be famous.

One of these stalls is Hong Kee Beef Noodles. Hong Kee has been operating here for quite a while but I never had a chance to really try them. Today is a good opportunity.

First to the ingredients. The beef noodles include the usual stuff like thick vermicelli, beef slices, beef tripes, beef intestines, beef meatballs and pickled vegetables. You can also choose all beef slices as well if you are not into organ stuff.

Now the taste. The thick vermicelli is well cooked with good spongy texture. The beef slices is cooked to slightly more than medium rare and the organ parts eg intestines and tripes have no funny smell or taste which is commendable.

The bowl when it is first delivered, had a very nice beefy smell. However, going into the sauce, the quantity of the sauce seems to be lacking even after stirring a little. Going to the taste of the sauce, it's not great but it's still better than usual food court standard which only have dark soya sauce flavour etc. Hong Kee's sauce is still decent having a little more beef taste as well as a little spice flavour.

The soup flavour is ok. Not the best but slightly better than food court standard as well. Again not very beefy in flavour but still having enough taste to go above food court standard.

In summary, I cannot really recommend this stall since it's slightly above food court standard in my opinion but if you have craving for beef noodles while at Amoy Street, you can still try this but don't expect too much.

3V out of 5


7 Maxwell Rd, #01-42 Amoy Street Food Centre, 069111

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