Food Review: Hock Prawn Noodles

(located in coffee shop along Jalan Besar)

Prawn Noodles
Price: $4/$4.50 (Soup/Dry)

It was early weekday morning in Singapore when I decided to have some local food with wife. After thinking a little, decided to make a little longer trip to city centre area for a much famed 24/7 prawn noodles place that had a lot of mixed review.

The taste after the food is served (btw the boss is real friendly and good service, so thumbs up for that). Basically the soup that I was served with (I ordered the dry version) was mainly on soya sauce flavour, laced with pork flavour and a little prawn flavour. The prawn flavour wasn't extremely strong but adequate enough. The taste of the soup was a little more raw as well as in raw prawn smell.

As I had ordered the all-prawn dry version, I was given 5 small prawns. The portion of noodle is good for ladies and good for me since I don't eat that much either. However there will be a lot of people giving the review that it's not value for money.

While it may not be the best value but special mention must be given that the pork lard and sambal chilli that came in the dry version were decent. The pork lard was crispy and sambal was fragrant and packs a good punch of flavour. The sauce was mixed with a little prawn soup with the chilli etc so it's not that dry. Noodles are alkaline tasting as it's the yellow noodles that they are using from local stalls, so that's a given. Other than that, I feel that it's ok in flavour.

I couldn't say the same for the soup version. The weird thing here is that the soup version taste less flavourful than the bowl of soup that was served to me with my dry version. It was much more plain than the dry one. One more thing that I forgot to mention is that both version doesn't come with kang kong or morning glory vegetable which can be a usual vegetable served in local prawn noodles.

So in summary, I wouldn't come here specially for prawn noodles but if I'm hungry late night and craving for prawn noodle, this is probably the only stall that's opened in Singapore. Definitely order the dry version but not the soup version. (minus 0.2V for the inconsistency for soup version).

2.8V out of 5

43 Jln Besar, Singapore 208804

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Jalan Besar MRT

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