Food Review: Happy Chef Western Food

(located in Tai Hwa Eating House, near ICA Building)

Battered Fish and Chips
Price: $7.50

Happy Chef is my usual go-to local western stall that I will visit whenever I don't feel like driving to Old Airport Food Centre when I'm having lunch around my officr. The uncle manning the stall is very friendly and nice. Do have a chat with you when you visit.

The ingredients. The plate consists of coleslaw, fried egg and a slice of lemon in my case. There are many other sides that you can choose from like fries, boiled greens, mash potato etc. Obviously the plate comes with a nice piece of battered fish.

To the taste. The coleslaw is nice, sweet and slightly sourish. The cabbage are having that little crunch and creamy as well. Served cool which is quite hard to get as most local stalls' coleslaw are usually served at room temperature.

The fried egg is well cooked with runny yolk and good solid egg white base.

The fish is very well cooked. The batter is crispy and thin and slightly flavoured. It looks mediocre and looks as if it's not that crispy but frankly, it's pretty good. Fried to a cripsy texture and yet it's not that thick either. They are using the wet batter mix to fry the fish so to have that thin batter crust and cripsy one especially shows quite a bit of skills there.

The fish used here is not the usual dory. Not too sure what kind of fish though but the fish is flaky in texture and taste very fresh instead of the mushy dory or frozen texture and flavour that we get usually.

The Tartar sauce is well made as well. Taste creamy, comes with bits of gerkins and well balanced with sourish flavour and fresh lemony flavour with smell that covers the whole sauce.

In summary, it's not the cheapest local stall to be honest but still its flexibility in providing pretty good side dish and good culinary skills in grilling and deep frying skills attracts me to the stall.

Do take note that the stall might be shifting to Blk 465 in recent months as the coffee shop's seats are always occupied by Tai Hwa's customers (imagine customers sitting 1 hour at the tables waiting for the food).

3.5V out of 5


466 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190466

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