Food Review: Hainan Chicken Rice Balls

(located in coffee shop along Jalan Besar)

Hainan Chicken Rice Ball
Price: $4.50

One of the few chicken rice ball stalls left in Singapore.

To be honest, after tasting multiple stalls throughout the years in Singapore for chicken rice balls, Good Year had always been my go-to. But since a couple of months ago (or was it a year?) that they suddenly announced their retirement, I couldn't find any replacement for them especially for the chicken rice ball and chilli.

Hence when I saw the advertisement for this stall and I happened to be here for another dish, decided to give them a try.

First, the looks. Yup the chicken looks dry and comes with dark soya sauce on top instead of the usual sesame oil and soya sauce and yes it's not served with cucumber as well.

First try on the chicken meat. Yes it's dry and doesn't have any taste other than boiled chicken taste. Dark soya sauce is the standard ones and doesn't add much points to the chicken really.

Nevermind, to the rice ball then.

Rice balls is decent in flavour (as in chicken rice flavour but pretty standard as well) but a little dry and one can feel the grains when biting. It's a little salty from the usual but it's still acceptable to me.

What's a good plate of chicken rice without good chilli? (it's already not great by now) so could the chilli be the redemption?

Good thing here is that it's self made chilli. The chilli is geared towards a rawer taste. I would say it has a good balance of spice and sourness. It's not exactly the standard chicken rice chilli you get from factory style and I would say I enjoy the chilli more than the chicken which is sort of an irony for me.

The soup was weird tasting to me probably because it was medicinal. The soup had a taste of herbal but I simply cannot pin point what kind of herbs were used in this. Never had this kind of soup before. Not the type of herbal soup for me for sure but it could be your type.

All in all, I would not visit them again. I cannot find something that attract me back even for the chicken rice ball. Strongly recommend that you do give this a miss if you just want to have a go at chicken rice ball as the balls here are simply standard chicken rice moulded into balls and it's also too grainy.

2.5V out of 5

3 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209530

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Suggested Carpark
Along Dunlop Street roadside parking. Depending on time of day, it may be difficult to find carpark.

Nearest MRT
Jalan Besar MRT

Mercedes Benz A200