Food Review: 고려정 (GoryeoJeong BBQ Restaurant)

(located in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea)


This is one of the first few BBQ restaurants I had when I first came over to Korea a couple of years ago. If I want to have a relatively good cut of meats and good experience of BBQ, I would usually head down here to eat their beef briskets and innards.

The restaurant ambience is pretty noisy by the way due to the crowd at night especially and people do get a little high after consuming some soju but the seats are quite aplentiful and the ajumas are very friendly as well.

BBQ Beef Briskets, Beef Liver, Tripes
Price: Unknown as it's treat from colleague but should be in range of $30,000 Korean Won per pax

Without saying too much, all standard Korean BBQ comes with the usual kim chi, lettuce, garlic, green chilli, gochuchang and perhaps sesame oil with salt (this usually goes with seafood like octopus etc). What's additional here is that they also provide boiled cabbage and an extra gochuchang which is a little bit more sweet in nature rather than salty. They also give each diner a plate of chives and spring onions mixed in sesame oil to go with the meats which proves to be useful when you eat the fatty meats.

Towards sometime in the middle of the meal, they will serve a bowl of kimchi soup as well with pig blood inside. It's one of my favourites as we cannot get pig blood in Singapore now plus the soup is pretty flavourful as well. It's also not just kimchi cabbage but it also have kimchi beansprouts inside as well.

Now onto the meats and innards. From the pictures, you will see that each of the beef briskets are very fatty and fresh from the colour. It's almost identical in each and every piece of brisket which is very commendable. Another highlight here is the beef liver and tripes. The tripes are boiled and cooked so you can simply dip into the sauces and enjoy. The beef liver is fresh and good and taste a tad more flavourful from pig liver. Once BBQ, it will have an extra flavour and with the gochuchang, it simply taste heavenly.

One of the tricks to eating Korean BBQ especially with fatty meats, you need to pair it with the lettuce or cabbage in this case so that it will help you to eat more and feel less gelat. Make sure you pair it with gochuchang so it gives that extra savoury spicy flavour else the meat itself may be a little plain to continue for more pieces. In this restaurant, you can pair it with the plate of chives and spring onions to break the fattiness of the meat as well.

If you are a fan of soy milk cold noodles or want to try, you should try them in this restaurant as I heard they are one of the best in the area. By the way, the soy milk cold noodles comes unsalted and you can add salt to flavour the cold noodles. It's not sweet by any chance.

In summary, you should come here to try this out if you are a fan of innards and beef briskets. While the meat items here are not flavoured much, the meat cuts are fresh and top notch in terms of fat contents etc and not to mention the sauce is pretty good to go with the meats so give it a try.

3.5V out of 5

35-2, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Besides Ssangdaepo (Another famous BBQ place for pig skin).

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Suggested Mode of Transport
By Korean Taxi or short walk from Yeouido Station Exit 4