Food Review: Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun

(located in Old Airport Food Centre opposite Roast Paradise)

Assorted Chee Cheong Fun
Price: $2.50 (Char Siew, Liver, Prawn), $3.50 (Century Egg)

Came here for brunch and decided to try this famed chee cheong fun.

First off, the chee cheong fun looks pretty decent from the looks of it. Seems soft and hopefully springy as well. The chee cheong fun came with the cheong fun itself together with the sauce, fried onions and chilli.

The sauce is savoury in taste and have a hint of sweetness. The ingredients (as per what is ordered within) are fresh and the fried onions are pretty fragrant and crispy.

The cheong fun texture is generally more towards soft but lack of some springiness. The flavour from the sauce, together with the fried onions and coupled with the cheong fun is good. Is it good till the point of greatness? Probably not. But it's still a pretty good plate of cheong fun abeit a lack of springiness that I was expecting.

The chilli is actually XO sauce based with good dried prawn. The flavour is strong and mix very well with the cheong fun. However, if you wish to get more XO sauce, you will need to fork out extra 50 cents for it.

The ingredients wise, are more of a novelty than a real enhancement to the cheong fun. For example, the pig liver cheong fun have good and fresh liver that's cooked to the right doneness but it doesn't add any special flavour other than the pig liver taste itself. The char siew is of the usual drier version which again doesn't add much flavour to the cheong fun.

In my opinion, what makes up a good chee cheong fun is really about the skin which should be adequately soft but must have a little springiness which is lacking here and the rice flour smell that mixes well with the sauce.

Again it's not bad noting that it's freshly made and comes with various ingredients, bringing variants of cheong fun to the traditional dish with a twist.

3.5V out of 5

51 Old Airport Rd, #01-155, Singapore 390051

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