Food Review: Fine Dining Bakery

(located in UE Square level 1 along Mohd Sultan Road)

It's always a wish for me to find a good Japanese cafe in Singapore that serves decent Japanese style Egg Mayo Sandwich (or as what Japanese like to call it Egg Mayo Sando). Having seen the hype from social media about this cafe, we decided it's time to give them a visit and try it out.

First off, the cafe has a pretty small dining area with about 20 seats and another 8 seats outdoors. Not the biggest of space but if the food is good, space is of secondary concern. The server is friendly and nice and they allow for food to be take-out.

Raisin Butter Sand
Price: $5

First to the ingredients. The Raisin Butter Sand bun is made up of sugar icing, sourdough (although it looks like scone) make with raisin and a slice of thick butter. You can choose to toast it or keep it as it is. We went with the latter.

The taste. Should have ask for the bread to be toasted frankly. The sour dough with raisin is well made but it's a little chewy and tough. The best is to have the sour dough toasted which we didn't ask for which we initially wanted to keep the butter as a whole.

Overall flavour with the butter is not bad other than being overly chewy. Special mention on the butter. It's made in house and taste a little sweet and milky.

Roast Beef Sandwich
Price: $20.80 with sandwich, soup and mini salad set

The ingredients. The plate consists of Roast beef with fresh onions and secret sauce on toasted sour dough slice, toasted Shokupan bread with seeds, with spinach and mushrooms, bacon stirred fried, vinegrette salad greens with garlic mix.

The flavour. The roast beef sandwich is soft and tender with the brown beef sauce mixed in. Good quantity of beef slices that has a good beef flavour as well. The sour dough mixed with the beef gives a good mix of texture where the sour dough is crispy and well toasted.

Overall very well made with good beef flavour and nice brown sauce that has a little tomatoey hint and complements the dish well.

The spinach and mushroom toast has good stir fried spinach, mushrooms and bacon bits. The flavour of all ingredients are mixed and not overpowering each other. The ingredients are fresh and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. The shokupan bread is lightly toasted and still soft within. It's a good contrast to the beef which is stronger flavour and this, a little more on the lighter side so it helps to balance back.

Shokupan Sandwich (Egg Mayo Sandwich)
Price: $8.50 ala carte
The ingredients. Basically Japanese Egg Mayonnaise on Bread! Only thing here is that they used their in-house made Shokupan Bread which is famous for being very soft.

This is one of the key reasons why we are here for! To be honest, it's really not easy to find a decent Japanese Egg Mayo Sandwich in Singapore and this fits nicely into the bill. Not the most tasty one compared to Japan ones, but it's pretty authentic.

The sando is made up of good eggs in Japanese mayo. Very very soft Shokupan white bread and it exudes a good bread flavour. I have to say it's pretty filling for 1 pax.

The egg mayo is made in house with good egg white chunks and egg yolks are mixed together with mayo which is an authentic mayo egg sando method of cooking. The bread, beside being soft, has that slight chewiness which is good.

Baguette Sandwich Set
Price: $18.80 set with soup and mini salad
The ingredients. The dish is made up mainly sour dough bread with different mix of cheese, meats etc. The first variant is sour dough with camerbert cheese, followed by melted cheese on sour dough, parma ham, ham porkloin on sour dough with cheese as well as vinegrette salad greens with garlic mix.

The taste next. The melted cheese on sour dough is mediocre at best unfortunately. The sour dough is decent and fresh with a little chewiness after the toasting but you cannot get much flavour from the cheese and toast mix.

Next is the camerbert cheese on sour dough toast combo. It is decent but nothing outta the world. Again sour dough is the same as the melted version and camerbert cheese is standard decent quality. Nothing to shout about seriously.


The ham porkloin sandwich is the saviour! Good porkloin ham sandwich! The ham is tender and slightly salty with good flavour while the sour dough is toasty and extremely crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. The mustard brings out and balanced the whole sandwich with that extra kick of spice but not overpowering the flavours of the ingredients at the same time. The porkloin ham's quantity is very generous as well. The best variant on the plate.

All in all, Fine Dining Bakery sells pretty good food with special mention on the egg mayo sandwich. You will also see quite a number of Japanese patronising them as well. This tells you how Japanese the cafe is. Definitely give it a try when you are around in the area.

4V out of 5


207 River Valley Road, 01-59 UE Square S238275

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