Food Review: Chung Cheng Chilli Mee

(located in Beach Road Market, Level 1)

Chilli Mee
Price: $3/$4/5

Had been always seeing Chung Cheng having a long queue in front of their stall but I never had a chance or made an effort to queue and try. Today finally decided to give them a shot to fulfil my curiosity.

The chilli noodles or chilli mee in local context always look very spicy and intimidating so the expectation from me was really to be prepared for it with a glass of sugarcane juice in case it gets really ugly.

Brought the noodles and first is to try the soup. Before trying I was expecting the soup to be prawny since Chung Cheng sells prawn noodles as well. I was wrong, the soup has this herbal and peppery taste which I didn't expect to be honest. The soup taste decent more as a herbal soup and I don't really taste any prawn inside much.

Next on, the noodles. The ingredients include 3 pieces of pork rib, 2 pieces of small prawn, half portion of a hard boiled egg sliced, fish cake slices, tao pau or fried beancurd as well as tonnes of chilli sauce.

Gave it a good stir and had my first bite. The pork rib basically is the baseline foundation of the soup earlier on. The pork gives the exact taste of the soup. Texture wise is so-so, not exactly the most tender pork rib but it's not that hard either. A little more towards the salty end. Make sure you pair it with noodles. The beancurd is not just the cooked type. It actually has a flavour to it, so plus points for that.

Noodles wise, well cooked to al dente but as most yellow noodles, it has the alkaline taste to it. I guess it's also signature as per some Teochew noodles. The noodles in general is like a bowl of teowchew noodles less the ingredients are more innovative. The chilli gives a good punch of sambal but smoother in general and not that spicy. The dish has a little unami taste but not that strong either. It's really about the chilli and the uniqueness of the food that you cannot find anywhere else (at least I haven't seen another stall doing this).

What's commendable here is that the bowl of noodles has no hint of teochew or hokkien noodles in any way as the chilli breaks most of the noodles expectation. The use of non-traditional (though they have been around for many years) ingredients set them apart from traditional noodles stall as well so it gives a good separation of expectation and making sure that people who patronise their stall have no "traditional baggage".

In summary, the bowl of noodles is really about uniqueness. Whether it's a good bowl of noodles largely depends on your palatte. For me it's definitely decent but I guess it's not to the point of "foodie" level for me but I will be missing it once in a while due to its uniqueness.

3.5V out of 5

505 Beach Rd, #01-59, Singapore 199583

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Blk 13 North Bridge Road MSCP
This is the carpark behind Beach Road Market. Not the one besides. Usually Beach Road Market is very packed so it's easier to park at this MSCP.

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