Food Review: Chef Kang's Wanton Noodles

(located in Jackson Square, between Block A and D)


Chef Kang is located within Jackson Square between 2 low floor office buildings. The layout of the area is like a clean industrial canteen with normal coffee shop ambience and ample seats for quite a number of patrons. Imagine there are only 3 food stalls, I think it should be adequate during peak hours except when there is a long queue from Chef Kang which is what I heard that most will experience during weekdays' meal times.

Chef Kang's Wanton Noodles
Price: $5 each, $10 for 1 plate of char siew

With the owners coming from Michelin restaurants, it's expected that their food should be of a certain standard and quality. Wanton noodles at $5 may sound a little exorbitant initially especially at a place that is industrial like, but the quantity given is adequate for that price to be honest and not to mention quality is pretty good as well.

In the wanton noodles, you can expect 2 wanton dumpling, fillings are mixed with chestnut, 1 small prawn in whole, minced pork and mushroom. The taste of the wanton is a little savoury and pretty flavourful amd pretty big in size. Expect almost double the size of standard wantons at other stalls.

The soup which the wanton is placed in taste flavourful as a pork broth, milky and slightly savoury. One mouth and you will know that they have placed emphasis in this bowl of soup.

The same can be said about the wanton noodles itself. The noodles are based on dark soya sauce and towards Malaysian style of wanton noodles. A little savoury, al dente noodles and have slight unami taste.

The pork lard is well made with the right amount of crisp and yet having that fatty smell without feeling too oily. The portion of noodles is good for an adult but maybe slightly too much for kids though. The char siew is roasted nicely with charred ends and smoky with a slightly sweet hint.

Somehow, the plate of char siew that i have gotten extra at $10 taste a little bit different. It could also be the case whereby the meat consist of half lean half fatty composition (which i feel should be the right way for char siew) and the ones in my bowl of noodles are more towards the leany part. Nevertheless, still a good piece of char siew.

What's probably missing in the noodles in general is that every portion of the ingredients is pretty well made. But however, it's missing uniqueness when you combined them together. Don't get me wrong it's definitely a good bowl of wanton noodles but it's not great till to the extent that I would constantly come back for it, so you gotta decide what you are looking for in a wanton noodle. If it's quality in every ingredient within the bowl, Chef Kang's wanton will not disappoint you but if you want unaminess and some special flavour that gets you addicted, I personally think it's not at that mark yet.

3.8V out of 5


11 Lor 3 Toa Payoh, Block A Jackson Square, Singapore 319579

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