Food Review: Apollo Fried Kway Teow

(located in Marine Parade Food Centre)

Fried Kway Teow
Price: $4/$5/$6 (pictured $5)

Been missing their fried kway teow for quite a while ever since the food centre went for a long renovation. I remember the period is easily a year and I thought my teenage favourite is forever gone.

Now Apollo has reopened and in the same location same corner in the same food centre! For those who knows them before will know where to find them. People who are new to them, they are located along the stretch where the toilet is.

First of all, I must declare that this is not the usual fried kway teow you get in Singapore. Characteristics of this dish is wet and it does not come with noodles, only kway teow. So please set your expectations right before buying and also don't compare to fried kway teow in Singapore else you may be disappointed.

Taste wise, it's a mix of unami flavour and a little spicy taste (if you ask for chilli) and garlicky as well. Ingredients include the usual fries kway teow stuff like pork lard, fish cake slices, chinese sausages, cockles and the main ingredient, kway teow. Besides unami taste etc, you can also get a good mix of taste and flavour from the chinese sausage as well as the dark soya sauce sweetness and wok hei from the plate. Eggs are added but it's broken to such fine pieces that it adds to the taste but not so much of the texture. Fresh cockles is a must in fried kway teow, traditional or not and Apollo's cockles are always fresh though the size is a little small. To be frank, I prefer cockles size to be bigger though. Oh well, you can't get the best of both worlds always.

Omg look at that wetness, it's just so different compared to the traditonal fried kway teow out there. The wetness makes it a lot easier to stomach but also watch out, you can get full pretty fast as well.

In summary, you don't get your traditional fried kway teow here. If you can accept variations from traditional receipes (though this is a long standing stall as well), you should definitely give this a try and who knows, you may find a new taste moving forward.

4V out of 5

84 Marine Parade Central, #01-174, Singapore 440084

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Suggested Carpark
Has to b Parkway Parade for the abundance of lots. Carpark is spacious enough even for my 370z which is a littl wide. Not the most spacious lot though but still decent

Nearest MRT
Marine Parade MRT (construction in progress)

Fairlady 370z