Food Review: Albert Street Prawn Noodles

(located in Old Airport Road Food Market)

Big Prawn Noodles (Dry)
Price: from $5, $10 for the one in picture

It's been a while since I last had prawn noodles. I used to go to Whitley (just a few stalls away) as their soup are usually good and contains not that much MSG. However since the last round, which is a couple of months ago, their standards has been a little inconsistent so i though maybe it's time to give others a try.

To be honest, I heard many horror stories about this stall in the sense that the soup is diluted, the prawns are not great etc. But hey, you don't try you never know plus food is subjective so gotta give it a shot! So I got the dry version which i don't usually.

First, the dry vermicelli is cooked nicely with springiness and not under cooked for sure. The bowl of noodles comes with heavy dosage of fried onions and sambal. The first bite tells me that this is not your usual run-the-mill prawn noodles. The noodles with the sauce etc packs a punch of flavour and gives a great unami taste. The sambal is not that spicy but good enough to give a punch and most certainly, makes the whole bowl of noodles with that unique taste. You don't even need to add in chilli powder. Pretty impressed with this.

Next, the soup. The soup seriously taste stronger than Whitley! This came as a surprise and in fact it's like the old Whitley standard. I don't know I'm lucky today or it's their usual standard but the soup really packs that prawny taste with the hint of sweet seafood flavour. The prawns are also very fresh and big (well it's the $10 version). I would highly recommend to try this stall if they maintained their standard like what i have tried today. I will try to visit again and do a after review on this again to see if standards maintain or drop.

4.2V out of 5

51 Old Airport Rd, #01-10, Singapore 390051

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Suggested Carpark
49A Jalan Tiga MSCP
Multi-Storey Car Park behind the food market.
Try not to park at the small carpark as it's usually full during peak hours.

Nearest MRT
Mountbatten MRT

Jaguar XE