Food Review: Ah Heng Duck Rice

(located on level 2, Hong Lim Food Centre)

Kway Chup/Braised Duck
Price: $4 per pax portion, $5 for per portion of duck meat

Early breakfast with wife in Hong Lim today. Have been hearing that the braised duck and kwap chup is pretty good here so we bought some to try.

The ingredients include pig skins, dried beancurd, braised beancurd, braised eggs, braised pork and braised intestines when you order 1 person portion. In addition, we have ordered an extra braised duck portion at $5 to try.

To the taste.

The intestines are very disappointing. The intestines should be void of smell and done properly by default. Unfortunately I cannot say that this stall has done their due diligence on this. The intestines have that organ smell and does not have any braised flavour at all. The braised pork also have very little braised flavour and texture is pretty tough. The braised beancurd is marinated ok and taste normal.

Fortunately, the dried beancurd is well cooked and soaked well with the sauce. The kway chup taste normal although it has a deeper colour. The kway texture is slightly spongy and it should be factory made.

To the duck meat. The braised duck is saltish based with strong spice powder. Pretty decent Hokkien style kind of braised duck but not my favourite as I prefer the slightly sweeter version.

People who like Hokkien style with spices should like this. The duck meat is a little tough but the sauce is pretty flavourful.

In summary, I personally felt that the duck rice should be mediocre but that's because I'm not a fan of Hokkien style braised duck. However one thing is certain.

Avoid the kway chup.

3V out of 5

531A Upper Cross St, #02-64, Singapore 050538

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Hong Lim Food Centre Public Multi-Storey Car Park (Carpark Lot is a little small though)

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Chinatown MRT

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