Food Review: Afuri Ramen

(located in Funan Mall Basement 1)

The ambience wasn't Japanese-alike but more of a modern minimalistic layout. Service is fast and good and ordering is from ipad and the service crew are friendly. Enough seats for probably 60-ish pax but be prepared to wait as the hype to eat this ramen is still on-going.

Yuzu Ratan Ramen (Spicy)
Price: $15.90

Taste a little spicy but comes with yuzu smell and slight hint of yuzu. It's a good balance of broth and Yuzu flavour which makes the ramen feels less gelat and gives more stamina to eat more since its not too spicy and yet yuzu strikes a good appetite enhancer.

Yuzu Shio Ramen
Price: $15.90

This is Shio ramen with yuzu flavour. It's not very strong in chicken flavour and the yuzu flavour overempowered the chicken broth flavour. I was expecting a balance of chicken and yuzu fighting for flavour but it seems one-sided. Chashu was so-so, and the noodles were cooked to the right texture and holds a good portion.

Yuzu Tsukemen (Dipping noodle)
Price: $15.90

Freshing tsukemen. This was largely due to sauce of soya and yuzu. It's not the kind of thick and flavoured dipping sauce with dry ramen kind of tsukemen but more towards cold soba style.

Strong yuzu taste with right balance of saltiness and sesame seeds. Not very oily as what others has mentioned in other review at least in my opinion. Generally it's quite ok in taste but not the best. Noodles taste doughy and leaned more towards cold soba texture and flavour but not with buckwheat taste. Eggs were mediocre and not lava-ish alike and doesn't have strong flavouring of mirin etc.

Char siew was fatty but in a good way but again nothing to shout about.

Buta Gyoza
Price: $6.90

The sauce came too salty and lacks of vinegary flavour. Gyoza itself is ok but it doesn't come with a lot of meat and juice. Winged gyoza is more of a novelty instead but the slight crisp is welcomed to add on texture but not the flavour though.

Good to try in summary if you want to try out Yuzu flavour ramen, but I wouldn't recommend it once you try unless you are really into Yuzu.

3.3V out of 5


Funan #B1-29, 107 North Bridge Rd

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Suggested Carpark
Within new Funan Mall

Nearest MRT
Cityhall MRT

Mercedes Benz A200