Food Review: A Noodle Story

(located in Amoy Street Food Centre, level 1)

A Noodle Story Wanton Noodles
Price: $8/$11/$15

A Noodles Story has been getting a lot of attention and been listed in Michelin Bib Gourmand. So it's a must for a foodie like myself to try for sure.

The stall is located in Amoy Food Centre, a famous food centre in Singapore famous for many food stalls and food haven to people working around in the area.

Ingredients first.

The bowl of noodles I have ordered consist of standard yellow egg noodles, boiled wanton, spain pork with miso, braised egg in full, 2 pieces of fried prawn dumpling, one laced with potato strips and the other standard one. A lot of ingredients for sure.

The difference between $11 and $15 bowl is extra bowl of goodies and increased quantity of egg (another half) and extra piece of fried prawn dumpling.

The goodies special bowl consists of slow cooked fish maw, mushroom, fungus and braised pork.

Now to the taste department.

On the standard fried prawn dumpling. The taste is a little more to the salty side but comes with good portion of pork, chestnut and prawn. There is a slight taste of alkaline taste from the skin. It's quite crispy as well.

The laced potato strip dumpling is crispy, salty and comes with fried potato and prawn mashed to paste with tail intact. Pretty well made and not that hard. I have eaten this from other stalls and it's usually quite hard.

The soup is flavourful and comes with unique taste. I think it's mixed with seafood and sugarcane or something that brings the unique flavour. I have tasted this flavour before but I can't remember the composition of it.

The miso pork is soft and tender and laced with miso mixed sauce with slightly sweet taste. Well made again but would prefer the meat to be stronger in flavour with the marinate.

To the boiled wanton. The wanton is big and succulent. Comes with prawn and pork and taste slightly salty. Good flavour with a little gingery flavour, good crunch on the prawns and it's fresh.

The sambal chilli that comes in the noodles is home made. The flavour is not bad and got that fiery punch. A bit to salty side but still ok.

The braised egg is more towards sweet based. The core or the yolk is half molten inside. Taste wise, it's passable.

Now to the main character. The noodles is ok. Cooked to a little more mushy texture. The dark sauce used for the noodles looks dark but it's not entirely dark soya sauce based. Taste a little flat so it's better to mix with chilli. Overall it exudes a little alkaline taste.

Finally to the goodie bowl. Overall the taste is ok. It's quite flavourful but not exceptional. It has the punch of the mixed flavour but other than that, nothing stands out much.

In summary, well executed and plenty of ingredients making it special in terms of variety. Individual ingredients are well made but however it's missing a character and special flavour that makes it addictive.

3.7V out of 5
(can't give it a 4V although it's so full of well made ingredients. Somehow I felt it lacks the uniqueness other than variety of ingredients or the unaminess if I may put it that way)


Amoy Street Food Centre 7 Maxwell Road Stall #01-39, Singapore 069111

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